Shots Fired Premieres Wednesday, March 22, Brooke Lizotte Performs on Theme Song

Music is part of the journey. Don’t miss the @ShotsFiredFox music phenomenon. #MusicProvokesChange #ShotsFired You Can Check Out Shots Fired Trailer Here:

Shots Fired Music Writing Team Fuels the Revolution March 22

Art imitates life and music fuels the revolution. Catch a sneak peek here: Experience @ShotsFiredFox music.  It’s a movement. #MusicProvokesChange #ShotsFired  

Brooke’s Recent Project “Shots Fired” Airs on Fox Next Week!

Shots Fired, a brand new series on 20th Century Fox Television, airs Wednesday, March 22nd 8/7c.  Brooke's music can be heard on theme song on the soundtrack produced by Amon Flanagan. Shots [...]

Brooke’s Latest Project, “Shots Fired” airs on Fox March 22

A trailer for the new series Shots Fired, Brooke Lizotte's  latest project, was shown during Super Bowl 51 on February 5. Shots Fired airs March 22, 2017 on Fox and features Brooke playing piano [...]

Brooke Lizotte’s new Project, TV Series “Shots Fired” at Sundance Film Festival

Brooke Lizotte with Amon Flanagan, Producer and Songwriter of "Shots Fired". Brooke Lizotte's most recent TV project, "Shots Fired" from 20th Century Fox Television, will be featured as [...]


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