Brooke Performs with The Stonecutters at Bake’s Place in Bellveue

The Stonecutters. Seasoned, proven, tried and tested. Rockin' Blues, with a Jazzy Soul. A groovy recipe-ready for immediate consumption.

Brooke Plays with Ben Smith and Friends at the Highway 99 Blues Club Seattle

Join Ben Smith and Friends with Ten Miles Wide and Amanda Hardy for a night of ROCK at the Highway 99 Blues Club in Settle. Ben Smith on Drums, Ryan Waters, and Kathy Moore on Guitar, Brooke Lizotte on Keys, Jeff Rouse on Bass, Jeff Angell and Shawn Smith on Vocals. Get your tickets early, this is going to sell out!

Music Happenings at Robert Lang Studio in Seattle

Brooke Lizotte, Jeff Rouse, Ben Smith, Kathy Moore, Ryan Waters Photo by Cedric Leggin Super recoding day at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle, Washington. Making music with Ben Smith [...]

Another Week of Making Music with Friends in Los Angeles

Going to Los Angeles for another week of jamming, writing, and recording with Randy Meisner, Art Ford, and Gio Loria. Good friends getting together. From Left to Right, Gio [...]

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Brooke Plays with Ben Smith and Friends, Friday at the Highway 99 Blues Club!

DreamWreck Plays April 22nd at the Highway 99 Blues Club in Seattle

Join Brooke with his band DreamWreck for another smokin' night of Rock, Funk, and Blues. DreamWreck is performing at the Highway 99 Blues Club in Seattle and features, Ben Smith on Drums, [...]


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