Brooke Lizotte performing “L Vann” at The Church with Saint Claire, Rachel Beaver, and Beth Quist

I remember hearing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” for the first time as a young boy just learning to play the piano; it took my breath away. I haven’t recovered from that early Beethoven moment. 60 years on, finds this piece of my music moving in a minor, melancholy mode reflecting that moment long ago.. Drawing from the moonlight, wandering through the darkness, I played with the tussenvoegsel: “van”….. and called it: “L Vann”

Saint Claire’s haunting violin cries the melody from the shadows, Rachel Beaver’s rich cello lays a warm bed of texture, and Beth Quist on hammered dulcimer dances with her gypsy spirit in the moonlight. L.Vann is part of “The Other Side” video collection of my music…
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