Brooke Lizotte & Friends Perform “At the Church” March 25

Join us for an evening of my music, and the music of friends I write with, perform with, record with, tour with, make magic with, and laugh a lot with …!!

And the space… the studio/performance sanctuary “At The Church” on Capitol Hill, will take your breath away when you walk in… come to church, and take some love home.

Come and enjoy:

  • Mycle Wastman~
    Totally awesome singer/songwriter/guitarist.
  • Beth Quist~
    Breathtaking singer/songwriter/hammered dulcimer player.
  • Shelby Natasha~
    At 19, she’s a brilliant & fresh singer/songwriter/producer/film composer in China.
  • Saint Claire~
    At 20, he’s an amazing, emerging Seattle singer/songwriter/violinist.
  • Rachael Beaver~
    Seattle’s gifted, powerful, and fun Cellist.
  • Cedric Leggin~
    International film director/editor/photographer, will be creating visuals and lighting.

Don’t miss this… magic will happen!
Tickets available online or at the door




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