Brooke Lizotte

“I grew up making music with many of the great musicians from the Pacific Northwest. the music up here through the 60’s and 70’s was funky-Rock & Roll, and very cool Funk and Soul music. “The bands were hot, the real stuff with those deep, rootsy grooves.”

Brooke Lizotte
Photo by Jerry and Lois Levin

Brooke Lizotte is a Seattle native who has returned home after twenty years of living and performing in Los Angeles.

Brooke’s film and televisions career includes performing with Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Brain Johnson of “AC/DC”, Lee Oskar of “WAR”, Randy Meisner, “The Eagles”, Danny O’Keefe, Leona Lewis, Pamela Moore, “Queensrhyche”, and many more.

He can also be heard performing on film and TV Projects such as Shots Fired, (2017), Sex and the City 2, Burlesque, Happily N’ever After, Last Night, Desparate Housewives, Half the Sky, Six Feet Under, and The Canyon.  Click Here To Read Full Biography